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Go Programming

I was one of the first people to download and install the go programming language from Google. What appealed to me was that it was that Ken Thompson and Rob Pike of UNIX fame were on the development team for the language. As described, it’s a systems programming language but with a scripting style of syntax.

The day it was released, I got a hold of it and began messing around with it. At the time I was working on my masters degree and a project I did had something to do with benchmarking a number of programming languages. I remember I worked with Java, C, Perl, Python and Go. My first impressions were that go had a nice syntax and was fairly easy to get up and start coding with. I had a few issues in that some of the libraries were slow, and that nobody else was using it.

I knew however that Go was going to be big, just not yet.

Fast forward a few years and I’m starting to see it pop up all over the place. I’ve decided to take the plunge and start really learning this.

Download the Go Language
Go programming documentation
how to write Go code

Get Started with this video.

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