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I’ve worked as a UNIX Engineer and Software Developer in the Financial Services industry for about 25 years. These days I tend to focus on Site Reliability Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering.

In addition to my full-time work, I was staff instructor at Pace University where I taught Red Hat Certification Training for 14 years (2004 – 2017 – http://www.pace.edu/seidenberg/ ), and I was the Systems Engineer for the Nassau County Library System for 11 years (1993 – 2004 – https://www.nassaulibrary.org/). Now with a little free time, I may start looking for my next part-time endeavor.

I have BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Pace University, and I’m currently pursuing a second masters degree in Cybersecurity (with a focus on Cyber Operations) from SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

I live on Long Island with my wife and two young children. My interests include Financial Technology, Music, Art, Education, Movies/TV, Politics, Fishing, and a ton of other things that catch my fancy. This blog is an outlet for me. It’s been around in some form or another since the mid to late 1990’s. Here’s the earliest version I was able to find back in 2001: https://biffsocko.nassaulibrary.org – The blog has come a long way since then. I used to be all about the engineering and coding. As I get older, my interests are getting a bit more diverse.