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Python Development

I know that in the past I have flirted with learning Python development, but I really couldn’t think of a reason why I should put the time in to learn it. I have been using Perl since the 1990’s and Perl and Python appear to do the same things. I couldn’t see what I could accomplish in Python that I couldn’t already accomplish in Perl. I didn’t have anything against Python, but just never really found a compelling reason to start learning it… that is until now. Python has just surpassed Java as the teaching language of choice for most universities. While I love Perl programming, I’m smart enough to know that in just a few years, Python will be as wide spread as Java is today. To keep ahead of the curve and keep myself marketable I’ve finally decided to put an honest effort in learning Python. To help, I’ve enrolled in a course at The Ultimate Python Programming Course. I’m up to the 9th lesson so far and I’m finding the course REALLY helpful.

I’ll keep you posted to my progress here, and I’ll start uploading some sample code too!

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