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I’ve been away a while

I’m sorry. It was recently brought to my attention that I’ve been negligent about keeping up biffsocko.com with my usual timely updates. Alas. I have no one to blame but myself. Work, school, kids (dance, gymnastics, basketball, swim practice), family time, etc have not given me a ton of time to blog as much as I’d love to.

Some updates though .. I’m not in my third semester at school. I’m taking a class called “Computer Security”

NCS 531 Computer Security (3)
Investigation and detailed study of computer security principles, mechanisms and implementations to ensure data protection and security of computers systems; Course will focus on computer security issues in both UNIX and Windows operating systems, database security, understand the systems issues in building secure computing platforms, computer security threats and attacks, including vulnerabilities in the password authentication system, file system, virtual memory system, and learn how to respond to potential violations. Specific topics to be examined include access control, security policies, entity authentication, defense methods against malicious logic and writing secure programs.

So far I’ve written buffer overflow attacks, return-to-libc attacks and now I’m working with the meltdown attacks. I’ll link to some of the course work in my next post.

Also, we (family and I) just got back from a road trip to Florida. On the way down we stopped in Savannah Georgia. It’s our second time there and we absolutely love the place. There’s so much to see. We’ll need to go back next fall (It’s going to be too hot there for us during the summer).

Anyway, I’m sorry for not updating sooner. I’ll do better.

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