April 20, 2015

Another Rotation Around the SUN

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Well, another year has passed, and as always I take these opportunities to see where I am in life and do a check to see if I’m happy. It’s a healthy thing to do every once in a while, so I make sure it happens on birthdays and around New Years. I get introspective about the passage of time and these two dates are demarcation points of that.

Family - My wife is awesome. Since our kid came along, we’ve really pulled together as a team. I thought things were good before, but we’re like a well oiled machine now. We tag in and out for diaper changes/feeding duties/bath time/day care drop offs ..etc. We’re a whirlwind together. We also both work from home, and while we work in different parts of the house, we get to see each other through out the day. It’s nice to grab lunch together or hang out over coffee. We talk a lot more. A discussion on the family also wouldn’t be complete without talking about our son. He’s 16 months old now. He’s running around everywhere and LOVES playing outside. I love being a dad. I’m totally cut out for this. I’m starting out a bit late (I just turned 45), but I can still get down on the floor and roll around with the best of em’. Also .. we’re having a daughter coming in Aug.

Yep .. another baby on the way. I have just four months to prep the house. We have two bedrooms on the first floor, but with a second baby on the way, we’ll have to move up to the second floor where there’s three bedrooms. Lots of painting, carpeting and cleaning are coming in my near future. We also have a finished basement that we’re turning into a play room. OMG … so much to do. I’m also doing my own landscaping this summer, plus all the other regular projects that go on around the house.

So .. that’s life at home these days

Work - I’m still happy at work. I work for a great company doing what I love to do .. and my office is my house. I’m looking forward to the weather getting warmer, and sitting out on the deck and working. I love not commuting, and the work is super technical. I have a great relationship with my boss and my team .. so .. no complaints.

Techie stuff - I’ve been playing a lot with RHEL 7, and generally I like it. There are a few things that irk me (I’m looking at you Grub 2). But in a general sense, I think it’s OK.

I’ve also been goofing around with a dynamic firewall blocker I’ve written in Java. It blocks ssh login attacks by dynamically creating firewall rules, and then later getting rid of them after a few days. I have a working prototype now, and I’ll upload it to github in a week or two for others to check out. I’ve also started researching my next project. I’m writing a site in Python for showing how senators and members of congress vote on issues. While this info is available already, it’s not as easy to find as you’d think. I’d like to present it in a more intuitive way.

Health - well, I could still lose a few pounds, but my doctor says that I’m like a fat navy seal. Everything is in good working order and I’m getting to the gym on a regular basis. so .. I just gotta lose some weight. I recently went on a diet, and I don’t mind it too much. And yea, I cheated for my birthday cake. My wife makes the best cakes.

So .. my life has been a lot about my family, the house, getting together with our friends, working at my regular job, teaching classes, and working on technology side projects that I love tinkering with. In the past I’ve been depressed around my birthday, but this year I’m not. I’m at one of those points in life that I’ll look back on someday with fond memories. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to be 25 again too .. but this is ok.

April 11, 2015

New Projects

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I’ve been goofing around with a few things. Keep checking - you’ll start seeing a few odds and ends up there in a few weeks


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April 8, 2015

American College Students suffer microagressions

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you can read more about microagressions here

April 5, 2015

Why College Campuses Are Insufferable, In 2 Minutes

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I hate PC pukes

Brains Benton

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Brain Benton. When I was a kid I read these books over and over again. As an adult I started collecting them again. I hope my kids like them as much as I did

The Great Brain

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I remember reading the books when I was a kid. The were among my favourites The Great Brain

January 13, 2015


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Bruce Lee

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January 12, 2015

false rape accusations 2

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Nope, they never lie.

I’m promoting investigation of rape accusations as well as jail sentences for false accusations.

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